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Home AGAT – Control Systems, Open Joint-Stock Company

Full name of the company: AGAT – Control Systems, Open Joint-Stock Company

Abbreviated name of the company: OJSC “AGAT – Control Systems”

Founded in: 1969

Mailing Address: 117 Nezavisimosti av., Minsk, 220014, Belarus

Telephone: +375 17 267 44 55

Fax: +375 17 267 24 50


Web-site (URL):

About the Company:
OJSC "AGAT – Control Systems" is the Belarusian leader in development of automated control systems, reference and analysis information systems, hardware-software complexes and tools for power engineering, transport industry and communications.


Certificates, Awards:
Quality management system, environment management system and labour safety management system have been certified for compliance with STB ISO 9001, STB ISO 14001 and STB ISO 18001.


Major Products/Solutions:
More than 200 special purpose software products as well as software for automation of state administration agencies, ministries, institutions and the national economy, among them:
  • National Automated Information System;
  • United Information System Designed to Control the Execution of Orders of the President;
  • Secure Electronic Mail System for State Bodies;
  • Information Analysis System for the Administrative Affairs Office of the President of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Automated Information System for the Belarusian Border Forces;
  • Integrated Automated System for Management of Military Commissariats;
  • Information and Control System for the State Defence Industry Committee;
  • Automated Integrated Information System of the State Control Committee with Budgetary Control Functions;
  • Automated Traffic Control System;
  • Automated Energy Control and Metering System;
  • Automated Process Control Systems for Power Engineering;
  • Automated Railway Station Control System, etc.
Major Customers:
Ministries, institutions, industrial enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, customers in the CIS and other countries.


Major Partners:
UIIP NAS of Belarus, BSUIR, IBA, Oracle, BelSoft, ZAO; Compit technologies, SZAO, SoftLine, UP; SoftClub, LTD; Compit Developer Systems, LTD; Avest, ZAO; Sigma Telas, CISCO, Micran, NPF; Prosoft-Systems, LTD, etc.


Seeking Cooperation in:
Development and deployment of automation software for industrial enterprises, state administration bodies, ministries and institutions, as well as control of various traffic modes and power engineering facilities.