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Home Avest, Closed Joint-Stock Company

Full name of the company: AVEST Close Corporation

Abbreviated name of the company: Avest, ZAO

Founded in: 1991

Mailing Address: P.O.Box 203, Minsk, 220029, Belarus

Telephone: +375 17 207 99 74

Fax: +375 17 207 92 34


Web-site (URL):

About the Company:
The company engages in development of:
  • New software and upgrade of existing solutions for cryptographic information security, digital signature, organization of public key infrastructures for document turnover protection in large corporations, state bodies. Other cryptographic developments: network security, strict authentication, VPN, etc.
  • Services for integration, safe usage and exploitation of cryptographic software, developed by "Avest" (for developers of office software – document turnover, digital archive, banking etc.);
  • Software development for automatization of accounting, corporate management with or without integration of cryptographic software;
  • Applied Research in development and analysis of cryptographic algorithms, secure data transmission protocols, safe usage of cryptographic procedure and methodology of its usage, including legal issues of information security and digital signature in digital document turnover in Belarus (in cooperation with responsible state bodies).
Certificates, Awards:
Сonformance certificate STB ISO 9001-2009 № BY/112 05.01.077 1495;
«AvCrypt ver 5.0» digital signature and encryption software tool (Certificate BY/112 03.06 036 0103 since 27.07.09);
«AVEST Certification Authority» software (Certificate BY/112 03.06 036 0118 since 17.02.10);
«AVEST Registration Authority» software (Certificate BY/112 03.06 036 0119 since 17.02.10);
«AVEST Personal Certificate Manager» software (Certificate BY/112 03.06 036 0120 since 17.02.10).


Major Products/Solutions:
  • AVEST CSP crypto driver is the expansion of the Microsoft Windows encryption kernel (developed jointly with Microsoft Crypto API), which allows use of encryption algorithms for all Microsoft Windows applications. The algorithms have certificates from the Operational Analytical Center, attached to the President of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) development software including Digital Certification Authority, Registration Center, Personal Certificate Manager;
  • AvCSPBase crypto driver comprises AvCSP ver 5.0, a certified tool for electronic digital signature and encryption;
  • "Proizvodstvo" software system and implementation of enterprise management systems for printing industries;
  • 1C Transport.
Major Customers:
Printing, transport enterprises, banks and finance institutions in the Republic of Belarus.


Major Partners:
Operative analytical center of the President of the Republic of Belarus, IT-Sign Pty Ltd (Australia), National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belarus Stock Exchange, Foundation for Social Security of the Republic of Belarus, Ministry for Taxes and Collections of the Republic of Belarus, Belarus Railways, Belagroprombank, Belpromstroybank, Priorbank, other banks.


Seeking Cooperation in:
Encryption systems development, implementation, and licensing for information protection in the Republic of Belarus, including fundamental and applied research in this area, with the objective to enter the CIS and other international markets.