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Full name of the company: B-LOGIC, Additional Liability Company

Abbreviated name of the company: B-LOGIC, ODO

Founded in: 1997

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 124, 220050, Minsk-50, Belarus

Telephone: +375 17 279 34 00

Fax: +375 17 279 33 03


Web-site (URL):

About the Company:
The major area of activities of B-LOGIC is design, development, implementation, and support of high-tech solutions for banks and enterprises, billing systems for housing and utilities companies and other service providers, retail payment systems, remote banking systems, cash and settlement systems for trade and service companies.
The guiding principle of the company's activities is to provide our customers with up-to-date, reliable and robust solutions, that would enable automation of a full range of financial services to the highest extent, as well as resolution of business process automation and information flow management issues.


Certificates, Awards:
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, STB ISO 9001:2009, license for technical protection of information activities.


Major Products/Solutions:
  • KOMPLAT NT, a computerized billing system for calculating charges and keeping record of payments by individuals, a system for establishing a data center and thus creating an integrated settlements and information environment;
  • DBO BS-Client, a system for remote banking services;
  • ANALITICA, a MIS solution;
  • DFA, a computerized system for securities trading records;
  • ACCOUNTING, a computerized system for accounting of internal operations of banks, enterprises, and organizations;
  • LOANS, a system for maintaining contracts for attraction and placement of funds;
  • TRADE, a computerized system for cash and payment accounting in trade and service companies;
  • PENFUND, a computerized system for keeping pension accounts;
  • Repository for Regulatory Document, a computerized information storage and retrieval system.
Major Customers:
Banks, government bodies and organizations, education and healthcare establishments, housing and utilities companies.


Major Partners:
SoftClub (Belarus), Bank Soft Systems (Russia), Rit Service (Russia), ProfiServ (Belarus).


Seeking Cooperation in:
We propose cooperation with software developers for banking and finance industries.
Promotion, adaptation and support of your products and solutions in Belarus, Russia, the CIS, and neighbouring countries.
Integration of your solutions with ours and vice versa in order to generate more comprehensive solutions.
Localization of your solutions to the CIS market. Custom software development based on your specifications.
Joint development of your applications, including establishment of a joint-venture or a regional competence center.
Outsourcing of any software development stage.
Description and re-engineering of business processes when implementing your systems in banks.
Outsourcing of your applications support in the CIS.