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Full name of the company: BelHard Group, Closed Joint-Stock Company

Abbreviated name of the company: BelHard Group

Founded in: 1994

Mailing Address:  2 Melnikayte Str., office 1, room 709, Minsk, 220004, Belarus

Telephone: +375 17 226 84 26

Fax: +375 17 226 71 70


Web-site (URL):

About the Company:
Specializes in analysis, design & implementation of application software for enterprise entities, system integration, delivery of complex computer systems, IT consulting, offshore programming for foreign customers.


Certificates, Awards:
Quality Assurance ISO 9001


Major Products/Solutions:
  • AIPSIN package, an IT tool against organised crime;
  • Expert, an electronic inquiry system for legal acts of the Republic of Belarus), information security products;
  • Outsourcing (BPO, SaaS, ASP): Software development and testing, software integration, IT consulting, IT audit;
  • Creating of data centers. Customer: Telecommunications operator, Russia;
  • Establishment of offshore Development Centers. Customer: Netherlands-based;
  • Build - Operate - Transfer Create Development Team. Customer: Global;
  • Foreign Currencies Exchange Auctioning System. Customer: Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange;
  • Excise and Documentary Forms Data Bank Management System. Customer: National Bank of the Republic ofBelarus;
  • Ready-made solutions for implementation and adaptation: System activity monitoring application system, "Simon","MASHA";
  • System work flow management in preschool activity, a system of work flow management in international haulage company;
  • "AUTOBusiness" product for real estate business on a mobile platform, the media on the mobile platform, store front advertising products on the mobile platform.
Other Services:
Consulting, advertising, education (IT sector: programming, testing, user training; economics and business, English).


Major Partners:
HP (software, hardware), Kyriba (finance management software developer), Gerber Technology (light industry computer automation), InterSystems Corporation (DBMS, integration software), SolidWorks (Competence Center for CAD), Tadiran Telecom (telecommunications hardware), Oracle Corporation (computer hardware systems), Mscsoftware (simulation software), Malam team (computer services), QAI (global consulting and workforce development), Sybase (software; database management, analytics, business intelligence, financial services, capital markets).


Seeking Cooperation in:
BelHard Group offers mutually beneficial cooperation to professional IT-teams and individuals. We are open to experience exchange with companies that strive to deliver competitive goods and services to the global market. We are honored to invite software development companies to join efforts in implementing projects on a long-term mutually-beneficial basis. Besides, we are interested in expanding cooperation with centers that provide training and certification services for IT sector. The success in long-term fruitful cooperation with BelHard Group is guaranteed by its careful attention to innovative ideas and its leaders' commitment to fostering their implementation.