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Full name of the company: LuxSoft Plus Limited Liability Company

Abbreviated name of the company: LuxSoft Plus, OOO

Founded in: 1997

Mailing Address: 60/1 Pritytskogo Str., offices 221-223, Minsk, 220121, Belarus

Telephone: +375 17 259 48 24

Fax: +375 17 259 48 24


Web-site (URL):

About the Company:
LuxSoft Plus, LLC has been active in the Belarusian market for over 10 years.
LuxSoft Plus, LLC has been focusing on development, implementation and maintenance of Vetraz accounting software system (jointly with LuxSoft) and Zolotoye Secheniye™ integrated enterprise automation system.
Vetraz, an award winning software system, has been in use in Belarus since 1992 as a DOS application, FOXPRO 2.6, and since 2000 as a Windows application run by Zolotoye Secheniye™MS SQL SERVER DBMS.
Zolotoye Secheniye trademark was registered in 2003.


Certificates, Awards:
Vetraz software system has received the following awards:
  • Diploma of the Sixth International Business-Soft'97 Competition in the area of finance and business;
  • Winner Diploma of the First Belarusian Accounting Software Competition (1999), Nomination for Accounting Automation at Medium and Large Enterprises;
  • Russian Federation Computer Software Registry Certificate.

Zolotoye Secheniye™ Software System has received the following awards:

  • diplomas of the First BEST SOFT 2003 National Competition, Nominations: for Enterprise Management System (3d Degree Diploma), for Trade Automation System (3d Degree Diploma), for Electronic Document Management (2nd Degree Diploma);
  • Honorary Diploma of the Second Belarusian Economy and Accounting Software Competition (2004) and Winner Diploma in the Software Product of the Year Nomination;
  • 1st Degree Diploma of the Third Belarusian Economy and Accounting Software Competition (2005) and Winner in the Management Automation Systems Nomination.
Major Products/Solutions:
Zolotoye Secheniye™, an integrated enterprise automation system, assures automation of processes as follows:
  • the manager's workstation;
  • accounting and analysis;
  • resource management;
  • production management.
Major Customers:
Grodnooblgaz, PRUP; Druzhba poultry factory, RUPSP; Soligorsktorg, TP UP; Baranovichi Division of the Belarusian Railway.


Major Partners:
LuxSoft, OOO, Inis-Soft OOO, MAPSOFT OOO, Talan MPK (Vitebsk), Soligorskstoi Computation Office.


Seeking Cooperation in:
We offer up-to-date management automation technologies for medium and large companies. We guarantee competent personnel, extensive experience, transparency and reliability.
We invite energy and fuel, machine engineering, and food companies and holdings.
We offer:
  • integration services for development, which enable full enterprise automation;
  • joint development of custom applications specific to the customer;
  • know-how for transfer eclectic DOS-applications to the comprehensive automated system.