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Full name of the company: NIIEVMservice, Limited Liability Company

Abbreviated name of the company: NIIEVMservice, OOO

Founded in: 1991

Mailing Address: 155, M.Bogdanovicha Str., Minsk, 220040, Belarus

Telephone: + 375 17 334 58 01

Fax: + 375 17 334 58 01


Web-site (URL):

About the Company:
The company was founded in 1991. Its mission is rendering high-quality services in the field of information technology. Its main areas of expertise include building and development of corporate computer systems and system integration as well as design and deployment of customized enterprise resource management systems. Although the key market for the company is Belarus, we have fulfilled several projects for other CIS countries.


Certificates, Awards:
Oracle, IBM, SAP, Cisco, EMC, Software AG, Beta Systems, Informatica.


Major Products/Solutions:
  • Human Resource Management System (HR);
  • Purchasing Management System (PM);
  • Sales and Distributions Systems (SD);
  • Finance Management System (FM);
  • Manufacture Executive System (MES);
  • Quality Management System (as рart of MES);
  • Railway Transport Management System (as a рart of MES),

and others for creation of Enterprise Resource Management Systems.


Major Partners:
IBA, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Informatica, Cisco Systems, EMC, Software AG, Computer Associates, Beta Systems.


Seeking Cooperation in:
The company offers enterprises long-term cooperation on resource management automation as well as realization ofBI solutions, including information of legacy IT solutions. Systems integrators are invited to enter partnerships for design and development of complex computerized systems with ongoing maintenance of the delivered system.
Software suppliers can profit from selling our off-the-shelf solutions for wages calculation and payroll accounting as well as for human resource management. Companies that specialize in BI solutions can benefit from our BI software products and methodologies, as well as cooperate in developing specific solutions.