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Home State Enterprise “Center of identification systems”

Full name of the company: The scientific-engineering state unitary enterprise "Interdepartmental scientific research center of identification systems and electronic business operations"

Abbreviated name of the company: State Enterprise "Center of Identification Systems"

Founded in: 2006

Mailing Address: 15/2 Akademicheskaya Str., 4th floor, Minsk, 220072, Belarus

Telephone: +375 17 294 90 80

Fax: +375 17 294 90 80


Web-site (URL):

About the Company:
Specializes in:
  • Scientific-and-methodical inter-branch support for article numbering deployment based on GS1 standards as well as development of automatic identification systems based on these standards;
  • Scientific researches and developments in the field of article numbering and automatic identification, coordination of such kind of activities carried out in Belarus by scientific and other organizations irrespective of patterns of ownership;
  • Maintenance of databases (depositories) of articles (products), marked with barcodes and radiofrequency identification codes in accordance with the international rules and standards;
  • Carrying out verification activities, including check of validity of the barcodes and radiofrequency identification codes assigned to articles (products).
Certificates, Awards:
Our specialists participate in MIFARE System trainings: M2 – MIFARE PLUS and MIFARE Ultralight family; M4 – MIFARE SAM AV2; M5 – MIFARE in Mobile System Training (trainings were held in Prague, Czech Republic on 12.05.2014 - 16.05.2014).
In 2012 RFID/ EPC Laboratory in Belarus (established by the Center) was included into European GS1 EPC/RFID Lab Network.


Major Products/Solutions:
  • AIS "Products and Services" - Analytical complex of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic ofBelarus;
  • Logistics enterprise server "Logistic Spy";
  • Depository ofIdentification codes;
  • AIS for identification and tracing of raw materials and quality of agricultural products on the basis of international standards;
  • Animal Identification and Tracking System;
  • The monitoring system for forms of strict accounting of Department of State Signs of the Ministry ofFinance of the Republic ofBelarus;
  • AIS library funds accountancy;
  • System for configuration, setting and monitoring of network of readers with frequency range 865-867 MHz based on EPC Global standard;
  • Smart Student Cards.
Major Partners:
The Belarusian State University, The National Committee for Standardization of Belarus, Joint Stock Company "Savings", Bank "Belarusbank", NXP Semiconductors, ZTE Corporation, Scientific and Technological Association Infopark, Motorola Inc., FEIG Electronics.


Seeking Cooperation in:
The Center for Identification Systems is interested in conducting joint ventures with the leading European research organizations and international experts in the following areas:
  • Preparation of analytical reports and scientific studies, market assessment of automatic identification technologies in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Baltic region with participation of the leading international experts;
  • Working out a strategy for development of the Centre of Identification Systems based on the best European practices in the field of automatic identification technologies;
  • Development of registries and databases synchronized with the European registers (products depository registered in GS1, synchronization with international classifiers and so on) as well as the development of national guidelines for the simplification of trade procedures in accordance with international requirements and standards;
  • Share-knowledge and training facilities at the leading European research organizations;
  • Supporting research in the Internet of things area, and other areas relevant to the Centre’s competence with the participation of the leading European research institutions;
  • Promotion of RFID-technology in the territory ofBelarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Baltic countries, as well as the promotion of competences of the Center itself;
  • Organization of conferences in Belarus as well as participation in the European conferences, seminars and international exhibitions together with the European institutions interested;
  • Joining the European projects such as Horizon 2020 within the limits of our competence.

Additional Information:
Center for Identification Systems has a unique testing laboratory for verification of bar codes in Belarus, certified by the National Committee for Standardization (accreditation certificate № BY/112 02.1.0509 to 09.07.2007). This testing laboratory is being testing the quality of bar codes. It also detects and records violations that may occur while labeling and delivering goods marked with bar codes at the points of sales as well as controls the legality of identification numbers (bar codes) usage on the territory of the republic.
For the research conduction purposes Centre for Identification Systems was granted with the State Commission on radio frequencies permit to use RFID devices operating in the range 865.6 - 867.6 MHz, ID ISC.LRU2000-EU.

In 2010, center’s RFID Laboratory was equipped with RFID-equipment of the leading European manufacturers to conduct researches and perform experimental works on of RFID-systems creation.