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Full name of the company: Top Soft, Science And Technology Private Foreign Unitary Enterprise, Part of Galaktika Corp., Closed Joint-Stock Company

Abbreviated name of the company: Top Soft, Unitary Enterprise

Founded in: 1993

Mailing Address: 28B Surganova Ulitsa, Minsk, 220012, Belarus

Telephone: +375 17 294 99 99

Fax: +375 17 294 99 99 add. 1001


Web-site (URL):

About the Company:
Top Soft, Unitary Enterprise, acting as a software development center, is the leading subsidiary of Galaktika Corporation, a large Russian holding.
Since 1993, when Top Soft was established, we have been developing and supplying the best managerial and information technologies for dynamic development of business enterprises and effective performance of organizations, for comfortable and effective work of their managers and personnel.
Top Soft, Unitary Enterprise, is an idea generating and implementing center. As well as other members of the holding we are striving to become a world-class company, and to be a source of pride to our employees, partners and clients.


Certificates, Awards:
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 (TGA) certificate for design, development, implementation, technical support and maintenance of software for company management; STB ISO 9001-2009 certificate for software production (the Belarusian national standard).


Major Products/Solutions:
  • Galaktika Business Suite is a comprehensive complex of business solutions, which allows an enterprise, holding or a group of companies to perform standard and specific management tasks in a uniform information environment responding to current economic conditions;
  • ERP Galaktika information system is the foundation of the Galaktika Business Suite complex and allows to develop an system for accounting and generating a variety of statements and reports, resource and financial flow management, financial planning, and operational financial management, production, planning and management, controlling, quality management, personnel management and personnel policy;
  • Galaktika Ranet is a multifunctional platform for distributed enterprise management systems in service oriented business architecture. Galaktika Ranet serves as a foundation for Galaktika Business Intelligence, Galaktika AMM (Advanced Manufacturing Management), Galaktika EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) solutions;
  • Galaktika Business Intelligence belongs to the class of managerial decision support systems and provides a kit of information analysis and consolidated managerial financials applications. The target group is companies' top managers;
  • Galaktika AMM (Advanced Manufacturing Management) is a system for management of production processes at industrial enterprises;
  • Galaktika EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) is a system for management of production assets.

We also provide a number of specific tasks solutions,such as:

  • Galaktika Design Production solution is developed for automation of product design and manufacturing contracts management. The solution is intended for machine and tool engineering enterprises;
  • Galaktika Construction Management is developed for integrated management of construction companies and responds to the specific needs of business processes in construction;
  • Galaktika Transport Management is an industry-specific solution for transport companies and other industries, which have transport departments of their own.
Other Services:
Top Soft, Unitary Enterprise, provides a comprehensive set of services in the sphere of managerial information technologies projects implementation. Our services are always customer tailored and adjusted to the scope of the project, objectives, tasks, and the unique attributes of the company.
The positive effect of using services of Top Soft, Unitary Enterprise or our partners' services are as follows: benefits of the implemented systems, personnel training and technical support. The services are provided instantly, the deadlines and the budget are observed, at the lowest risk, and with the highest return on the investment.


Major Partners:
The total number of Galaktika Holding's partners in the CIS exceeds 200 companies. The major partners in Belarus are BBC-IMPEX, ODO (Baranovichy); Intellect Consulting, ZAO (Bobruysk); Citilan, ODO (Gomel), NiLS, STODO (Grodno), VIF-computers, OOO (Grodno), Technistroicontrol, OOO, an engineering company (Minsk), Navigator-Plus (Dzerzhinsk) and also entrepreneurs such as Katulski (Grodno), N. Koval (Brest), D.Solovyov (Vitebsk). N. Timohin (Brest), etc.


Seeking Cooperation in:
We invite to cooperation companies and entrepreneurs who are interested in acting as our company's representatives in your region of Belarus or beyond. We invite you to share responsibility for the commercial future of software solutions created by us and of the ERP Galaktika system, unanimously assessed as the best corporate information system by reputable experts. This implies sharing our expertise, business principles, standards, technologies and profits.


Additional Information:
According to IDC, analytical company, research, Galaktika Corporation is among the 5 largest ERP-system developers on Russian market. It is one of 3 largest Russian ERP-integrators according to CNews Analytics, analytical agency, research. Annually it is included in the list of the largest IT and Consulting companies according to the version by rating agency "Expert RA".