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Home United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences Of Belarus

Full name of the company: United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences Of Belarus

Abbreviated name of the company: UIIP NAS of Belarus

Founded in: 1965

Mailing Address: 6 Surganova Ulista., Minsk, 220012, Belarus

Telephone: +375 17 284 21 75

Fax: +375 17 331 84 03


Web-site (URL):

About the Company:
UIIP NAS of Belarus (formerly known as the Institute of Engineering Cybernetics (IEC) until July 2002) was founded in 1965.
In 1966 the IEC was assigned the role of the head of inter-branch organization for the entire U.S.S.R. and was charged with applying mathematical methods and computers to developing computer aided design (CAD) systems for industrial machine engineering.
Since 1977, the IEC had also been the leading U.S.S.R. organization for development of automated cartographic systems and complexes.
At present the UIIP carries on research in the following fields: computer aided design, mathematical cybernetics, image processing, geographic information systems, speech synthesis and speech recognition, information protection, medical and health care applications, bioinformatics, input and output of video, supercomputers. Software systems for cartography and healthcare automation are being developed, as well as end-to-end computer design technology in engineering, and dynamic processes simulation on clustered supercomputers.
The Institute comprises three research divisions with 27 laboratories and departments and 340 PCs connected via LAN. The UIIP hosts the National Multi User Remote Access Supercomputing Facilities. The staff consists of 324 highly qualified IT specialists, 19 of whom are Doctors of Science, and 69 are Candidates of Science. One third of the staff are young professionals.


Certificates, Awards:
The Order of the Red Banner of Labor
TOP-500 Certificates for supercomputers SKIF-500 and SKIF-1000.


Major Products/Solutions:
  • Cluster supercomputers;
  • Cold and hot forging process automation systems;
  • Systems for technological support of bearing rings manufacturing;
  • Automation of technological processes in assembly-welding manufacturing;
  • EXSYLOR, an expert system for logical recognition;
  • Software for the modeling of ergonomic parameters with the aid of 3D human body model;
  • Decision making support system for tender or purchase procedure;
  • System for the ergonomic expertise of vehicles;
  • System for automatic input and recognition of engineering drawings;
  • Analyser of medical images for differential cytological diagnosis of thyroid diseases;
  • Face identification system;
  • Tools for the creation of geoinformation systems and technologies for remote sensing image processing;
  • Documents and securities protection system;
  • Electronic voting system;
  • Computer diagnosis and planning of maxillodental anomaly treatment;
  • Risk estimation technology for ischemic heart disease.
Other Services:
Long-term cooperation with companies, research institutions and heath centers that are interested in outsourcing.


Major Partners:
Research and health centers, industry enterprises of Belarus, enterprises and organizations of Russia.


Seeking Cooperation in:
UIIP NAS of Belarus is the leading Belarusian organization in the sphere of research and development support for IT implementation, a developer of the range of unique highly effective hardware and software systems and technologies. It exploits it significant scientific potential and considerable expertise in creation of innovative sophisticated hardware and software systems.
The Institute is charged with development of methods and tools for solving fundamental research and engineering tasks for a vast range of applications, which cannot be approached without the computer technologies provided by the National Multiaccess Supercomputing Facilities. UIIP developments have been implemented in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, as well as in India and Saudi Arabia.


Additional Information:
Provision of economically attractive remote broadband access to the most powerful Eastern European supercomputer center for engineering computation, which involves the use of licensed software packages, such as MPI, MVAPICH, Linux Fedora Core 2, LS-DYNA ver. 970, STAR-CD, Fluent 6.2.