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CRM Conference

“CRM: Client as Partner” Conference is devoted to new approaches of conducting sales, marketing and providing client service. At the event experts of the market describe in details the world trends in the sphere of relationships with clients and demonstrate to the event participants best cases of CRM systems use.

For those who start working with Customer Relationship Management System or only choosing it the Conference gives the opportunity to adopt experience from experts and those who have passed this way, to choose the system, and to walk through the stage of its implementation by learning possible difficulties and their solution methods.

For experienced users of CRM systems the Conference gives the chance to meet with experts, adherents, to explore new ways of system development, and to get even more advantages from its use. 

The Conference targets at heads of sales departments, marketing divisions, and owners of service IT companies, banks, logistics, industrial, construction, transport organizations, trade networks, telecommunication companies who seek for new opportunities to increase efficiency of their business.