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General Meeting of Infopark Association 2015

On May 28, a General meeting of the members of Infopark Association was held. About 100 invited representatives of different fields such as ICT, economy, education, partner associations, state bodies, including CEOs and representatives of 59 member companies of Infopark Association participated in the event. Traditionally, the annual meeting serves as a platform for reviewing the Association activities that were done and discussing of future plans, informal communication and experience exchange.

The Chairman of the Association Council (Viktor Dravitsa) opened the event and in his speech he pointed out the main priorities of the Association activities for 2014-2015 as well as summarized the results of everything that was done during this year.

At the moment Infopark Association consists of 60 enterprises. In the first half of 2015 the companies such as Gurtsoft, IBA IT Park, Atlantconsult became the Association members.

The Chairman of the Association Council emphasized that only 50% of Infopark companies actively participate in the Association projects and 48% is involved in the activities of the Association Committees, Commissions and Clubs. Mr. Dravitsa expressed his gratitude for cooperation and participation in Association activities and projects in 2014-2015 and also for significant contribution to the development of information technologies, and awarded the following companies:

The Chairman of the Association Council also congratulated Infopark companies celebrating their anniversaries in 2015:

50 years. UIIP NAS of BELARUS.

25 years. Intermech.

20 years. Intetics Bel.

15 years. Qulix Systems, JUKOLA-INFO.

10 years. LeverX International.

Vladimir Basko, Infopark Director General, briefly reported about significant events and activities done in 2014-2015, including completion of the project “Promotion of Socioeconomic Development and Encouragement of Entrepreneurship by Developing Cross-border R&D and Innovation Network in Cloud Computing Area” (LT-BY Cloud), persistent work on Harmonizing of Digital Markets of the EU and Eastern Partnership countries, and development of cooperation with the Euroasian Economic Commission; organization of conferences, forums and workshops such as the XI International Forum on Banking Information Technologies “BankIT’2014”, Conference on Information Technologies in Insurance “IT_insurance’14”, 2nd Conference on IT services Management "ITSM Belarus", International Conference-exhibition “Electronic Services and Information Systems for Trade, Logistics and Transport” “IT2TLT’2015”, Software Engineering Forum for students "SEF.BY2Students-2014".

Vladimir Anishchenko, Vice-chairman of the Association Council, presented a new project of the Association which is "Technologies of Information Security and Information Security of Organizations" "IT Security Conference". In March 2015, 387 representatives of 178 organizations took part in this Conference. Mr. Anishchenko informed about the plans for creation of the Committee on Information Security and invited those who are interested to join it, and also to participate in "IT Security Conference" in 2016.

Infopark member company Full Spectrum Systems (FSS) was awarded for valuable and sizable contribution to Infopark activities realization in 2014-2015 and development of IT2TLT project. Yury Losev, Director at FSS, suggested Infopark members getting involved in the improvement of the development of information technologies for transport, logistics and trade.

The Chairman of the Committee for Development of Export-Oriented IT Industry, the member of the Association Council, the Director General of Belhard Group Igor Mamonenko presented the results of the Programme of accelerated development of services in ICT in 2014:

Export turnover of IT services Plan Result
2014 330 million USD 630 million USD
2015 430 million USD 725 million USD


Mr. Mamonenko reported that the Coordination and Methodical Center of the Association started the adjustment of accreditation process of the organizations specializing in preparation, retraining and advanced training of IT specialists. Igor Mamonenko invited Infopark members and training centers to join.

Within the extended meeting of the Association Council the issue of Atlantсonsult membership was considered. 

Traditionally, the renewal of the Association Council members and its Chairman was made at the event. According to the decision of the Association Council IBA IT Park replaced International Business Alliance and SOFTCLUB was replaced by Novacom Group.

Alexander Mukovozchik, Director General at SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES, was elected as the Chairman of the Council for the next year.

Mr. Mukovozchik expressed his gratitude to the participants of the General meeting for the trust and briefly highlighted core action plan points for 2015-2016. The newly-elected Chairman pointed out the necessity of consolidation of efforts and positions of Belarus High-Tech Park and Infopark Association to develop IT industry of the country, he also presented main actions to achieve this goal.

Infopark members have the opportunity to make additions, amendments, corrections to the action plan for 2015-2016 till June 20, 2015.

During the second part of the meeting Valery Virkovski, Director for Cooperation with EU and EaP countries at Infopark Association, made presentation on the strategic initiative of Harmonization of Digital Markets of the European Union and Eastern Partnership countries.

Mr. Virkovski paid special attention to the relevance of the HDM initiative as formation of Digital Economy and Market is a natural and inevitable stage of high-tech development of traditional trade markets. Digital Economy of the European Union is formed on the basis of Single Digital Market which creation is one of the main priorities of the European Union by 2020. Digital Markets of the Eastern Partnership countries demand increasing of their digitalization level and harmonization with EU markets as they go through an initial stage of their development.

At the moment the HDM Working Group (HDMG) created by Infopark Association is searching for potential partners in EU and EaP countries as well as builds cooperation with relevant national organizations for the development of the interregional HDM cooperation network and discussion of projects' concepts, formation of projects' consortia on top-priority topics. Today Belarus HDM Working Group consists of V. Anishchenko, V. Basko, V. Virkovski.

HDM Initiative provides a wide range of new business opportunities such as:

  • Organization and execution of HDM initiative B2B marketing events (in Road Show format) together with partner ICT associations in different European regions:

      - Baltic countries (Riga, February 2015);

      - Northern Europe countries (London, September 2015);

      - West Europe countries (to be confirmed).

  • Specialized events on top-priority HDM topics with invitation of partners and clients from EU and EaP countries.
  • Formation of HDM projects' consortia and the network of regional partner companies to get access to new foreign markets (Win-Win cooperation, AIPSIN).

Representatives of Association member companies Mr. Mamonenko (Belhard Group), Mr. Demichev (Itransition), and Mr. Anishchenko (SOFTCLUB) shared their practical experience of projects' concepts development and projects' consortia creation.